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Cambridge-Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarship

The Cambridge-Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarships are intended to provide full support to enable completion of a PhD at the University of Cambridge in pure or applied science and the social sciences.

The PhD Scholarships at the University of Cambridge aim to build human capability in pure or applied science and the social sciences by providing early career support for New Zealand’s brightest and most promising researchers that demonstrate a passion for science and technology. The Scholarship is jointly funded the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust (CCEIT) and Royal Society Te Apārangi with New Zealand Government support. Recipients of the Scholarships will carry the identity of the Rutherford Foundation. The award is expected to play a strong part in the Scholar’s professional development.

Successful applicants will receive a living allowance (maintenance) of approximately £15,609* per annum, and will have their course and college fees paid. In addition, they will be eligible for one, non-transferable, return airfare between the United Kingdom and New Zealand per annum. The funding is for a maximum of three years.

Please note that applicants will be responsible for all other costs including, but not limited to: visa and entry requirement costs to the United Kingdom, any travel other than the agreed New Zealand to United Kingdom air fares, and any additional fees other than course fees incurred from applying to the University of Cambridge.  Funding extensions cannot be applied for under the terms of the Scholarship.

[*This is an indicative amount, as the allowance is set annually by the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust to cover annual living expenses while studying at the University of Cambridge.]

In 2022, the Society can award up to ONE Cambridge-Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarship.

If you have any queries about the Cambridge-Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarship, please email: rutherford.foundation@royalsociety.org.nz