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2020 International Science Opportunities for Year 12 and Year 13 students

New Zealand students can apply to attend international science and technology events, supported by a Talented School Students Travel Award. Applications close Tuesday 17 March 2020.


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Students from New Zealand at FEAST 2019

Students selected by Royal Society Te Apārangi for these opportunities will be supported, in general, up to 60% of their international travel and registration costs by the Talented School Students Travel Award Fund. There are two opportunities listed below that are fully funded (Bessie F Lawrence Summer School and Maori Scholarship to attend LYISF).

To be considered for any of these opportunities, all students must complete the 2020 International Science Opportunities for Students application form.  

Students applying to the fully funded opportunities which are the scholarship for a Māori student to attend the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), or to attend the Dr Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute, must complete different forms - links to these can be found in those stated opportunities below.

Schools cannot nominate more than two students in total, but those students can apply for one or for as many opportunities as they would like to by ticking the boxes on the application form. This may mean that the school has to pre-select students first.


London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), UK

29 July –12 August 2020

Year 13 students only

Five students will be selected by Royal Society Te Apārangi to attend the London International Youth Science Forum which takes place over two weeks in July/August of 2020. This is a residential event and students will stay at the Imperial College, London. The theme for LIYSF in 2020 is “Climate for Change”. Participants will attend lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, visit research centre's, scientific institutions and world class laboratories and universities. 

Registration for LYISF is £2095.00 plus international airfare. This registration fee includes accommodation and food. If successful, The Talented School Students Travel Award Fund will fund up to 60% of the registration and air fare cost.

USA International Space Camp, Huntsville, Alabama, late June / early July 2020 

For Year 12 and 13 students

Royal Society Te Apārangi will select four students to participate in an international gathering, and experience the Advanced Space School Program at Huntsville, Alabama. Successful students will be immersed in a programme that is designed to promote space science and exploration. Activities will include hands-on astronaut training, as well as learning about the mental, emotional and physical demands astronauts must face.

Registration for this event is approximately $1,000 USD plus airfare. If successful The Talented School Students will fund up to 60% of these costs.

Please note that a teacher will accompany this group of students.


Asia Science Camp,  (Asian destination to be announced in in February)

July/August 2020

Year 13 students

Royal Society Te Apārangi will select 5 students to attend the 13th Asia Science Camp. The programme will involve lectures from Nobel Laureates and will include science workshops, discussion sessions, excursions and social activities. 

There is no registration fee for this particular event as it is covered by the organisers. However students will need to contribute 40% of their airfare costs and the Talented School Students Travel Award will contribute the balance.

Please note that a teacher will accompany this group of students.


XLAB International Science Camp | Gottingen, Germany
1 - 23 August

Year 13 students only

The Royal Society of New Zealand will select two students to be selected for this three week intensive science program.  This programme attracts interested high school and undergraduate students aged between 17-22 years. Only students who are seriously considering science at a tertiary level should apply.  

The registration cost for XLAB is Euros €3,200.00. This includes accommodation and food. International airfare is extra. The Talented School Students will cover up to 60% of these costs.


Summer Research School in Mathematics and Informatics | Bulgaria
26 July- 15 August 2020   
Yr13 students only

This opportunity is particularly for students who have a strong interest in math and physics.

SRS is a summer research school for high achieving teenagers, with a pronounced interest in the fields of mathematics, informatics and ICT. It combines the best practices from leading programs for high school students in the field such as RSI (organized by CEE and MIT) with the unique opportunities of a dynamic small-scale learning environment.

The students will work with scientific mentors, traditionally stemming from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and guests from international research universities in the fields of mathematics and informatics. Each student will focus on a personal research topic, coming from challenging but viable field such as Combinatorics, Number Theory, Algebra, Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Modeling and others.

The program includes lectures on advanced scientific problems and modern technologies, meetings with representatives of the industry and different academic institutions, soft skills training and discussions on important issues such as ethics in science, responsible research and innovation.

The registration cost is approximately Euros €1,000 which includes your food and accommodation. International Airfare will be on top of this cost.  The Talented School Students Travel Award will support up to 60% of these costs.


European Space Camp | Norway  

2 - 9 August

For Year 13 students only

This opportunity will be awarded to two students who are particularly serious about studying aerospace/rocketry at university.

The camp is held at the Andøya Space Centre (ASC) in Norway, and is a collaboration between the European Space Camp (ESC) and the Norwegian Centre for Space-Related Education (NAROM).

Students who apply for this opportunity must be obtaining excellent grades in math and physics and have very good written oral communication skills.  Students really do need to be passionate and wanting to pursue study in this area of science in the future.

During the space camp, students go through every aspect of a rocket campaign, including building an internal circuitry for a rocket, telemetry, and launching a full-fledged sounding rocket at the end of the week. Participants attend lectures from some of Europe's top scientists and researchers on topics as diverse as the LHC at CERN to the physics behind the Northern Lights. At the end of an unforgettable week, a multitude of social activities await the participants, including a sea safari, mountain hiking and swimming under the midnight sun.

Registration for attending this is approximately $2,300 NZD and the airfare is on top of this. The Talented School Students Travel Award will support 60% of these costs.


FEAST (Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science and Technology)  Brisbane , Australia

(Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science and Technology), 

28 June - 1 July

University of Queensland, Gatton Campus

Year 12 students only

This programme is particularly suited to those students who are achieving well in the sciences and have a desire to study agricultural science or veterinary science at a tertiary level.

Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science and Technology (FEAST) is a five day residential program designed to inspire and inform high school students of the range of exciting and rewarding science careers in the agriculture, animal, plant and food sectors.

Why attend FEAST?

•    test drive university and meet other students with similar interests
•    explore science disciplines through hands on activities and workshops
•    attend industry run sessions reinforcing the many exciting career outcomes on offer to  graduates
•    experience living in the Halls of Residence and take part in fun social and sporting activities
•    chat with current university students and staff and have all your questions answered


Registration for FEAST is $495.00 AUD and this includes food and registration. Airfare is on top of this.  The Talented School Students Travel Award will support up to 60% of these costs.


Youth ANZAAS (Australia, New Zealand Association for Advancement of Science) | Australia
Early July (date to be confirmed)
Year 12 students

Royal Society Te Apārangi will select six students to experience a five-day programme together with up to fifty Australian secondary school students. Students that are selected will visit top scientific and technological institutions and participate in a hands-on science programme.

National Youth Science Forum | Canberra, Australia.  

Mid to end January 2021

Year 12 students only

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) is a 12 day residential program for students entering Year 13 in 2020 who are passionate about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The NYSF program aims to show participants the wide variety of study and career options in STEM fields.

Registration cost for NYSF is approximately $3,200 AUD. This includes your accommodation and food. Airfare is an extra cost. The Talented School Students Travel Award will support up to 60% registration and flight costs.


Fully funded opportunity:
Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute | Rehovot, Israel
7 - 30 July 2020
Year 13 students only (please note it is important that students are aged 18 as at 1 July 2020)

A unique and fantastic opportunity has been provided for one Year 13 student to attend the 51st Dr Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute in Rehovot, Israel in July.

This is a fully funded opportunity funded by the Raye Freedman Trust which will cover travel, accommodation.

All students who apply must be aged 18 as at 1 July 2020

The ‘Bessie program’, as it is more fondly known, brings together approximately 80 highly talented senior secondary students from all over the world to experience the challenges and rewards of scientific research.  During the month-long program, the students spend the first three weeks conducting research in the campus labs.  The work combines the exploration of problems in the field of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematical and computer science, and in instruction of sophisticated laboratory equipment, advanced computers, a particle accelerator, and lasers. Students will stay at the Laub international Science Youth Village with meals supplied by the Institute restaurants.


For students applying for this particular opportunity please complete these two forms Application Form and General-application-ISSI-2020  Both forms need to be sent to Debbie Woodhall by 17 March 2020. This date is different to the date mentioned in the Bessie F. Lawrence Application Form and so please just proceed with our date of 17 March please.


Fully funded opportunity for a Maori student to attend the:
 London International Youth Science Forum

29 July – 12 August

Year 13 students only

This fantastic opportunity has been sponsored by the London International Youth Science Forum and the Talented School Students Travel Award. The criteria for this particular opportunity are as follows:

  • The applicant must identify as Māori and be a New Zealand citizen or have permanent New Zealand residency.
  • The applicant must be studying at least two science subjects and attaining at least a merit or preferably an excellent grade, especially in the science learning areas.
  • The applicant should have a genuine interest in science and be considering studying science/engineering/technology at a tertiary level.
  • The applicant does not need to fluent in Te Reo but must have a good understanding of the language and also have good knowledge of Tikanga and be confident enough to share some of this knowledge at the London International Youth Science Forum
  • The applicant must have very good oral and communication skills.

If you are applying for this opportunity please complete the application form.


Applications for all the above opportunities close on Tuesday 17 March.

If using the post please send to:  (allow at least 5 days)

Debbie Woodhall
Royal Society Te Apārangi
PO Box 598
Wellington 6140


If using a courier please send to: (allow at least 2 days)

Debbie Woodhall
Royal Society Te Apārangi
11 Turnbull Street
Thorndon, Wellington 6140

Additional notes

Most of these opportunities are not teacher accompanied as most programmes are very structured and fully supervised. However, if applicants and their parents/guardians feel uncomfortable with these conditions, we would strongly advise you not to apply. Furthermore, if more than one student is to be selected for a particular opportunity, then we strongly recommend that these students travel together.