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Alasdair Tremlett

Alasdair Tremlett has been selected by the Society to attend the Bulgaria Summer Research School.

I feel extremely grateful for the funding from the Talented School Students Travel Award which is enabling me to attend a three week Summer research school in Bulgaria later this year which will focus mathematics and inforamtics. My personal research topic will be modelling, while I will no doubt gain exposure to other avenues of maths such as combinatorics and number theory, working with eminent professors and interacting with like minded students from around the world. Frankly, I cannot think of a better way to learn. 

Inside and outside of class I am passionate about maths, and challenging myself, whenever there is an opportunity, and even when there isn’t one! Through using one of the most beautiful things on earth- logic, I have made it my greatest aspiration to study a mathematics degree at University of Cambridge. The joy of solving problems and knowing that you are irrefutably, 100% right, is to me, unrivaled in any other subject. Indeed, studying a demanding University of Auckland maths paper has broadened my understanding of both the rigorous nature and real life applicability of mathematical concepts and proofs. Having recently sat the final exam, I can wholeheartedly say that my desire to study maths has been consolidated. 

“Anima sana in corpore sano” - “sound mind, sound body.” Essential to succeeding academically is, in my opinion, a healthy body. I love, and aim to start my day with some tough running, before cooling down in the pool. Working hard outside of study is important to me. Throughout my time as student at Sacred Heart College (Auckland), I have enjoyed success mainly in football and running, as well as tennis, debating and public speaking. I also run a school tutoring programme and help out in community kitchens at my parish and at the local hospice, spending around ten hours doing these activities each week.