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Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins has a particular passion about the environment around him. He will travelling soon to Youth ANZZAS in Melbourne and is very grateful to the TSSTA Fund which is supporting him to attend.

Tenā koe, my name is Bradley Wiggins and I am honoured to have been selected by the Society to attend the 2018 Melbourne Youth ANZAAS Science Forum. Youth ANZAAS will involve an intense program of lectures from accomplished scientists and visiting many facilities where we can get examples of the science being applied to society.

I’m currently a year 13 student at Rotorua Boys High school and have lived in Rotorua for 13 years. My lifestyle includes balancing my extracurricular activities with my academics. Outside of school my commitments consist of cricket, hockey, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and being a proud member of our schools senior social basketball team.

Growing up in a rural area of town, the forests and streams became my backyard. As I grew up these “natural resources” that I treasured became polluted or ceased to exist due to the rapid expansion of our town. During this time my spark for science was forged because of the effect on our environment. As I grew up I became passionate about the conservation of our planet's resources, and this sparked an interest in science which fulfilled me with the knowledge.

I'm a person who finds problem solving fun and is curious about the world and the love of science was sparked reasonably early in my childhood and has followed me ever since. The subjects I am studying are physics, biology, chemistry, history and calculus. These subjects will stand me in good stead for my desired career choice as an environmental engineer.