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Callum Greig

Callum has been selected for the USA International Space Camp in Huntsville. His dream is to be an astronaut and he feels that as long as he holds on to that dream he may not necessarily end up being an astronaut but will work in the space industry and he'd be very happy with that.

My name is Callum Greig. I am a year 13 student at Paraparaumu College and I have been selected for the International Space Camp  in Huntsville, Alabama. I study Level 3 chemistry, physics, calculus, earth and space ccience, and design and visual communication. I have been interested in the science and mathematics of everything since I was a child at my primary school (Kapanui School). We were able to go on a school trip to Space Place in Wellington, since then I’ve been hooked on understanding the wonders of the universe. I have always been particularly interested in astrophysics and more recently, quantum physics. Being able to understand the beauty and complexity of many aspects of the universe in the languages of physics and mathematics enthuses me. More importantly, understanding this gives me the ability to teach others the beauty of it.

I am also an amateur astronomer. Stargazing would be one of my main hobbies. I love gazing up to look at the planets of our solar system, especially Saturn. It gives me the opportunity to see the universe from a different perspective. To widen not only my visual horizon but my imaginative horizon on what other unique celestial bodies could be out there.

I have also been a keen volleyball player for five years now and coaching it for three of those years. It's been a great experience for me as it's it such a community-based sport, so you learn to socialise and accept people no matter what skill level. I have other hobbies such as longboarding, drawing and playing acoustic guitar.

My aspiration for the future would be to become an astronaut with a degree in either mechatronics engineering, mechanical engineering, or any other preferred engineering profession for the job. The probability of me actually becoming an astronaut is relatively small, but if I aim for this possibility, I will land a job that is involved in the space industry, which would be just an interesting and fulfilling, and that would make me very happy.