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Lydia Acton

Lydia will be travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia in Eastern Europe and representing New Zealand at the International Young Naturalists Competition.

I’m Lydia Acton, a year 11 student at Wellington High School. I’m interested science, technology, mathematics, and art. I also love playing underwater hockey.

I have been selected for the International Young Naturalists Tournament (IYNT) as a member of a group of six students representing New Zealand. IYNT is a competition where you have to investigate open-ended problems, present, oppose, and review them. One of the problems I investigated was to find a quantitative measure of fame. The IYNT is an inclusive educational network and a prestigious international competition. The IYNT is focused on student participants aged 12 through 16

I love science because science is relevant to everything.  I really have no idea what I want to do when I leave school, but I know I want to do something in the STEM field, but there are so many options available.  I have still got a couple years left at school to make my mind up though.