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Russell Boey

Russel Boey

Russell from St Andrew's College in Christchurch has a dream of writing a fantasy novel but in the meantime he is swotting up on training for the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Hi, I’m Russell, one of four students selected to compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad. This is an annual competition for high school students around the world this year being held in Prague and Bratislava, and which I’m extremely excited to be heading to.

I’m a Year 13 student studying at St Andrew’s College, Christchurch, and have always enjoyed the physical sciences and mathematics, as well as having a long-lasting passion for literature and writing in particular. I take a STAR course in mathematics through the University of Canterbury, which allows me to do some first year university work while in high school, and when I’m not studying, you’ll probably find me trying desperately to meet the deadline for a short story competition or trying to plot out a grand fantasy world for a novel that has yet to happen. I still have hope!

In the future I hope to pursue studies in chemistry as well as astronomy, both of which I have a great interest in, and hopefully get my name on the front of a novel. I can only hope that an overseas experience gets the creative juices flowing.