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Mathematics education

At the request of the Ministry of Education, Royal Society Te Apārangi has convened an expert mathematics panel to provide advice to support the refresh of 'The New Zealand Curriculum' and 'Te Marautanga o Aotearoa' and to inform the development of a high-level systems approach to supporting learning in mathematics.

The expert panel will develop an evidenced-based paper for public release which provides independent advice on the development of mathematics knowledge and skills in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum, specifically: 

  • the mathematical skills and knowledge needed for being a critically engaged citizen
  • the mathematics skills and knowledge learners need to know and by when, and the important cross-disciplinary links, taking into consideration the rapid changed and growth in computer science/ICT
  • the important 'big ideas' in mathematics and statistics that all learners need to develop through schooling 
  • the relationship between numeracy and mathematics.  

The panel may also identify other issues it considers important such as how to address the growing disparity in achievement levels between different communities within Aotearoa New Zealand.

It also intends to see what can be learned from approaches to mathematics education other nations have taken.   

Panel members

The members of the mathematics expert group are: 

  • Gaven Martin (Interim Chair)
  • Glenda Anthony
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Michelle Dalrymple
  • Fiona Ell 
  • Sina Greenwood 
  • Joanna Higgins 
  • Jodie Hunter
  • Rua Murray 
  • Matt Roskruge
  • Tony Trinick
  • Caroline Yoon