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Symposium 2019 - Float Your Boat Certify

Actions to prevent lake pest fish and weed infestation and to restore lake quality are the topics of the 2019 symposium.

Catfish are now well established in both Lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti. It is critical that they do not spread further to other Rotorua lakes. LWQS proposes a clean-boat certification programme. The support of all lake users is vital to preventing the spread of these pests.

Much progress has been achieved across Rotorua lake catchments in reducing nutrient inflows. More still needs to be done. Many of lakes remain at risk of further degradation. Lake Tarawera water quality continues to deteriorate. Lake Rotoehu has not responded, as expected, to ten years of control actions.

Speakers will present on:

  • US experience in freshwater biosecurity and lake restoration.
  • NZ Government priorities for pest and weed control; and freshwater management.
  • Other NZ experience in preventing the spread of invasive species.
  • NZ regulation framework supporting freshwater biosecurity.
  • The LWQS proposal requiring all lake users to self-certify that they are not carrying pests between lakes.
  • New funding strategy for the non-Deed lakes.
  • New knowledge of the science and practice of weed and pest management, geothermal lake chemistry and actions required for full lakes’ restoration.
  • The challenge to restoring Lake Tarawera and considering its surrounding eight lakes and their catchments.

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Lake Water Quality Society


Millennium Hotel, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

8:00am Thu 7 November, 2019 - 3:00pm Fri 8 November, 2019