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Covid-19: repercussions in the NZ research sector

The Early Career Researcher Forum invites you to join an open Zoom event to discuss issues arising from the impacts of Covid-19 on Aotearoa New Zealand's ECR community.

A 'once in a century' event, that's how Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern describes Coronavirus disease 2019, SARS-CoV-2, or as it's most commonly known, Covid-19. The effects of this pandemic are still reverberating around the world, and with little warning, our lives have changed dramatically.

Although New Zealand's approach to dealing with Covid-19 is globally admired, there is undoubtedly going to be consequences beyond this health crisis. For the ECR community, this will be felt through work, opportunities, access to funding, notwithstanding the transformations to our home and family lives.

In response to this serious situation, the ECR Forum will host a series of web discussions to rally together, and pursue ideas, initiatives and support systems.

This first session, coordinated by ECR Forum co-chairs Tom Baker from the University of Auckland's School of Environment and Lucy Stewart from Toha Foundry, will break the ice on issues facing ECRs in the (post) Covid-19 context.

An open forum for discussion, we welcome and encourage contributions from throughout the ECR community, so please join us via this Zoom link to share your perspectives. 

For further information, the ECR Forum has produced an article for The Spinoff.

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Royal Society Te Apārangi | Early Career Researcher (ECR) Forum


Zoom link: https://auckland.zoom.us/j/95460065428

1:00pm Fri 8 May, 2020 - 2:00pm Fri 8 May, 2020