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How do we protect our threatened fossil heritage?

Foulden Maar, Hindon Maars and the Roxburgh Amber Forest are three of the most important terrestrial fossil sites in New Zealand - but they are increasingly under threat.

The South Island is home to many of New Zealand’s most important terrestrial fossil sites. The Miocene Foulden and Hindon Maar deposits hold tens of thousands of amazingly well-preserved fossil plants and animals: leaves, flowers and fruit, freshwater fish with eyes and skin, entire spiders and insects. Most of our amber fossils come from a coalmine near Roxburgh.

Some of these sites have been under threat from mining and other human activities as well as natural processes. Associate Professor Daphne Lee will explore the question, how can we protect and preserve our fossil treasures and geological features for future generations?

Free admission, all welcome.


Daphne Lee

Associate Professor


Geology Department, University of Otago


Timaru District Council chambers (off Barnard St)

7:00pm Thu 2 April, 2020 - 8:30pm Thu 2 April, 2020