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Wellbeing, Sustainability, and Impact Assessment: toward more integrated policy-making

The New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment (NZAIA) 2022 Conference

Wellbeing and sustainability have long been important considerations in policy-making in many countries. But they have become more prominent in New Zealand in recent years, especially in light of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Government’s adoption of a wellbeing approach to policy making in 2018. To be consistent with wellbeing and sustainability thinking, policy- and plan-making require integrated approaches that recognise the potential impacts, both positive and negative, on related sectors and future generations. The NZAIA 2022 conference asks to what extent existing policy- and plan-making processes in New Zealand identify, and respond effectively to, the potential impacts of proposed initiatives. How might impact assessment methods help improve those processes? Speakers will explore policy-making under wellbeing and sustainability remits and the role of impact assessment, with practical examples and case studies, and suggestions for better practice. The New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment (NZAIA) leads the development of impact assessment practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. We invite the diverse impact assessment community and interested people in central, regional and local government, iwi, universities, consultancies, the private sector and NGOs to attend. Graduate students are invited to apply for a limited number of scholarships to support attendance. The two day conference will combine invited speakers and panels and submitted poster papers. On the second afternoon, one session will feature two workshops to develop skills and advance methods in strategic assessment.


New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment (NZAIA)


Te Papa, Wellington

9:00am Wed 30 November, 2022 - 5:00pm Thu 1 December, 2022