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Recipients January 2020

International Leader Fellowship

Number of received proposals: 11

Number of funded proposals: 4

New Zealand PI Institution Project title Funding (GST Excl) Months International Leader Fellow
Professor Leo Cheng University of Auckland Optical technologies for mapping heart and gut function  150,000  36 Professor Rogers, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Professor Quentin Atkinson University of Auckland The psychological foundations of social conservatism  150,000  36 Professor J Raihani, University College London, UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Harald Schwefel University of Otago Miniature sources of quantum light  150,000  36 Dr V Strekalov, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, USA
Dr Hedwig Eisenbarth Victoria University of Wellington Investing in better brains for better behaviour: New Frontiers in Violence Reduction 144,999 36 Professor Raine, University of Pennsylvania, USA

New Zealand-China Scientist Exchange Programme

Number of received proposals: 9

Number of funded proposals: 9

New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborators Collaborator Institutions
Dr Christina Moon AgResearch Understanding rumen microbial nitrogen metabolism to improve ruminant nitrogen utilisation efficiency Associate Professor Zhao Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Dr Fei Ying Auckland University of Technology Measuring construction logistics efficiency Professor Wu Chongqing University
Dr Giacomo Giorli National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd Enhancing the international role of New Zealand and China in the marine acoustics research field Professor Li Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr James Griffiths National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd Quantifying inorganic N discharges using satellite remote sensing Dr Yu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr Steven Parker National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd Collaborative research on Antarctic marine ecosystems Professor Zhu Shanghai Ocean University
Dr Ben Yin New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research Harakeke membrane for water treatment Distinguished Professor SP Sun Nanjing Tech University
Dr Catherine Tsai University of Auckland Developing a novel mucosal vaccine against gonorrhoea Professor van der Veen Zhejiang University
Dr Kunyu Li University of Otago integrating immune targeting therapies and traditional Chinese medicine to treat chronic inflammatory diseases Dr H Zhang Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Professor Winston Seah Victoria University of Wellington Resource Management in 6th Generation (6G) Networks Professor B Huang, Associate Professor T Zheng Inner Mongolia University, Beijing Jiaotong University

RSNZ Nominations for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships

Number of received proposals: 5

Number of nominated proposals: 5

New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborators Collaborator Institutions
Dr Emilie Crossley Otago Polytechnic Japanese low-consumptive wildlife tourism: meaning and morality in hybrid online-offline spaces Professor J Edelheim Hokkaido University
Dr Catherine Tsai University of Auckland The development of M2e-based intranasal universal influenza vaccine utilising the PilVax platform Dr Asanuma, Professor Fujihashi National Institute of Infectious Diseases, The University of Tokyo
Dr Robert Claude Meffan University of Canterbury Reservoir Computing with MEMs resonators. Professor Tsuchiya University of Kyoto
Dr Caitlin Duncan University of Canterbury Measuring and computationally modelling the development of children’s non-cognitive skills. Professor Oka Kyoto Institute of Technology
Mr Andrej Paluda University of Otago Regulation of the Aquaporin-2 trafficking by ubiquitylation Distinguished Professor Y Fujiyoshi TMDU Advanced Research Institute