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Recipients April 2019

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview


Number of received proposals

Number of funded proposals




New Zealand - Germany Science & Technology Programme  37 4

Recipients Catalyst: Seeding General

NZ PI Institution Project Title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Collaborator Countries
Dr Simon Stewart Cawthron Institute Green bottoms: understanding drivers of near-shore benthic filamentous algae proliferations, an emerging global issue  80,000  14 Professor Marianne Moore, Professor Ian Hawes, Professor Jake Vander Zanden, Associate Professor Sudeep Chandra, Professor Yvonne Vadeboncoeur 

Wellesley College,University of Waikato, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Nevada, Reno, Wright State University 


Dr Qiliang Fu Scion Wood flexible opto-electronics  52,000 12 Professor Dr Ingo Burgert  ETH Zürich  SWITZERLAND 
Associate Professor Charles Unsworth The University of Auckland Small Brain Cancer Networks on Chip 80,000 24 Dr Sylvia Chung Lowy Cancer Research Centre AUSTRALIA
Dr Lokesh Padhye The University of Auckland Efficient electrochemical water treatment with novel redox electrodes 80,000 24 Dr X Su, Professor TA Hatton University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Dr Claudia-Nicole Meisrimler University of Canterbury Preparing for the future - towards solutions for drought tolerance and disease resistance in plants 70,000 24 Professor RJ Morris John Innes Centre


Dr Chris Pretty University of Canterbury Accessible Rehabilitation Hybrid ExoSkeleton (ARHES) 80,000 24 Professor P Pott University of Stuttgart


Mr Maui Hudson University of Waikato Te Tuākiri o te Taonga: Recognising Indigenous Interests in Genomic Resources 79700 24 Associate Professor Anderson New York University


Professor Tim Stern Victoria University of Wellington Subduction zone dynamics, seismicity, structure and hazards: imaging the plate interface beneath active margins of the Pacific 65,000 24 Associate Professor Pascal Audet University of Ottawa


Dr Julie Deslippe Victoria University of Wellington Intraspecific trait variation as an indicator of the vulnerability of alpine plants to climate change 59,350 24 Dr Christian Rixen Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL/SLF SWITZERLAND

Catalyst: Seeding Bilateral sub-programme

New Zealand – Germany Science & Technology Programme

New Zealand PI


Project Title

Funding (GST Excl)



Dr Vincent Bus

New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research

Establishing the tools for breeding of new apple (Malus domestica) cultivars with altered flowering time that are better adapted to climate change



Dr Andreas Peil 

Julius Kuhn-Institut

Mr Ben Liley

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

Lidar Observations of SpatioTEmporal Contrasts in Clouds and Aerosols (LOSTECCA)



Dr Patric Seifert

Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research


Dr Gillies Bellon

The University of Auckland

Contrast between hemispheres in aerosol impact on cloud erosion (CHANCE)



Professor Johannes Quaas

University of Leipzig

Prof Andreas Neef

The University of Auckland

International Climate Migration and Climatic Poverty Traps in the Asia-Pacific Region (INTERCEPT)

 80,000  24

Professor Dr Bjoern Vollan

University of Marburg