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John Cole

John Cole, a year 13 student who has a range of interests from science and politics to musical theatre and psychology, has been selected for the International summer camp in Mathematics and informatics in Bulgaria

Even at seven years old you could find me sitting in the garage and hacking away with a pair of pliers and a hammer at computer and appliance PCBs. I have always been one to question the world around me looking for an understanding – even if I often couldn’t understand the answer in its entirety.

In my school day, I work in the student leadership of almost 1800 young men as the Deputy Head Boy of Palmerston North Boys High School. When not in a class, I am involved in the debates and VEX Robotics clubs. I am also involved in local musical theatre, both singing and dancing in in a range of different genres.

I am also very interested in psychology, law and politics. I enjoy pursuing these different interest at conferences where I can combine these interests with science and debate.

I completed NCEA level 3 last year, finishing a level 3 NCEA English, physics, calculus, chemistry, statistics and digital technologies and sat and achieved scholarship English in my Year 12. This year, I am taking 6 University papers; composed of the Math199 2 Semester STAR course offered by Canterbury University, a Victoria University introductory physics course, a history course provided by Massey University, a computer science course through Waikato University and an introductory Te Reo Maori course also through Waikato University.

I have only ever been internationally once - when I visited the Johnson Space Center with the Pūhoro STEM Academy in 2018. So the opportunity to go overseas without my whānau, much less to a place of so much history as Bulgaria, brings on a catatonic mixture of terror and absolute excitement! I can’t wait to learn and live in Bulgaria for 3 weeks. I think that the opportunity is a great opportunity for me to develop in an academic and scientific sense, but also personal sense. Especially as I look towards a life of research, technology and working with others to discover our future and change the world!