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Natural Hazards – Lessons From Iceland

A LEARNZ journey


On this 5-day field trip you will travel to Iceland, land of volcanoes, and get up close to a magma drilling project.

Did you know a possible solution to global energy problems is to drill directly into magma chambers?

Think about how this could be done without starting an eruption that might kill people.

Like NZ, Iceland sits astride a tectonic plate boundary and experiences lots of earthquakes. However, Iceland is also over a volcanic hot spot with many more volcanoes and volcanic eruptions than NZ.

Iceland has huge potential for generating electricity from its geothermal energy reserves.




Shelley Hersey

LEARNZ teacher


CORE Education


Travel to Iceland with LEARNZ

12:00am Thu 30 August, 2018 - 11:59pm Wed 5 September, 2018