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New Zealand Engineering Science Competition

Can your students win $6000 in the New Zealand Engineering Science Competition?

This fun and challenging day long competition is targeted at teams of three to four senior students, who have interests in mathematics and science.

The 2020 competition will run near the start of Term 3, on Saturday the 1st of August.

The problem is revealed at 10am in the morning and students work in their teams to provide a solution by 6pm of that day.

First prize is $6,000 plus there are two runner-up prizes of $2,000.

For more information and to register your team(s) see the Department of Engineering Science website at the University of Auckland:

Registration is free and closes Friday 24th of July.

To make this event accessible to everyone throughout the country entry is free and students compete locally, however the organisers do rely on the good will of teachers to help out on the day by acting as supervisors and ensuring that students have a place to work with access to the internet (either at school or any other convenient location where they can use computers and be online).

The Organisers really do appreciate the support of teachers in this respect and if your team places, as a teacher you also get a share of the prize money.

Supervision means that you ensure your students abide by the rules, particularly with regards to receiving no outside help in answering the question (either from you or anyone else). Often teachers share supervision duties (e.g. one person does the morning before handing over to another person to do the afternoon). It is very common for teachers to supervise several teams (the more the merrier!)

If you only have one team entering the organisers may be able to hook you up with another local school in your area so that you could tag team with another teacher.

 NZ Engineering Science Comptition 3


The Faculty of Engineering University of Auckland


In own or local school

9:30am Sat 1 August, 2020 - 6:00pm Sat 1 August, 2020