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Workchoice Event - Teachers Workchoice Day 2017

Thursday 21 September 2017

Teachers Workchoice offers an opportunity for the professional development of subject teachers and staff in senior school management positions.

A fresh look at the world of work, as well as providing teachers with increased industry knowledge.

Please note this event is run by Workchoice a youth employment organisation, which is part of The Skills Organisation.

Teachers in Industry will accept your event registration and pass it on to Workchoice to handle event related communications.

 Afternoon Business Visits: Upon registration, you may choose from one of the following visits for the afternoon session:


Curriculum Links may include:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Equipment & engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Material World: The structure of matter
  • Mathematics and statistics | Number and Algebra; Measurement; Statistics; Levels 1-3
  • Media Studies
  • Nature of Technology: Characteristics of Technology
  • Nature of Technology: Charateristics of Technology; Characteristics of technological outcomes
  • Physical World: Physical inquiry and physics concepts; Using physics, Physics
  • Physics
  • Technological Practice: Planning for practice





Spark NZ, 167 Victoria Street West, Auckland Central

8:30am Thu 21 September, 2017 - 3:30pm Thu 21 September, 2017