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Chief Executive Update

The International Science Council was launched at its Paris Headquarters earlier this month, combining the two peak bodies for social science and science.

The Council has been formed with the aim to assist in the resolution of complex global issues, by utilising the knowledge provided by multi- and trans-disciplinary science. The Council seeks to be a highly influential international leader and it is an important body for New Zealand to support.

Significantly for us, New Zealander and Fellow, Sir Peter Gluckman was selected as President-elect of the International Science Council. The Society congratulates him. It signifies the esteem with which he is held internationally for both his personal contribution and thought leadership on presenting scientific evidence to inform policy matters. Sir Peter will have the opportunity to help shape and steer the new organisation over the next six years. He will hold the role of President Elect for three years and then succeed to the President’s role for a three year term from 20212024.

One of the ongoing Committees of the Council, is the Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the Conduct of Science.  With MBIE financial support, the Society provides its professional secretariat. We expect this Committee to have an important future role in addressing the continued challenges of ensuring research is ethically undertaken, and that scientists can support the public interest by bringing forth their knowledge without fear of personal repercussions. We look forward to continuing our support of this Committee.

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Andrew Cleland - Chief Executive Royal Society Te Apārangi

Royal Society Te Apārangi: 30 July