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Published 24 April 2018

MBIE now accepting ORCID iDs for funding applications

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is pleased to announce that it is now possible to collect ORCID iDs in the MBIE Investment Management System (IMS) when applying for funding.

This makes MBIE the first funding agency in New Zealand to have integrated its grants funding system with ORCID.

The statement of principle about the adoption and use of ORCID identifiers in New Zealand was published in July 2016. This established the commitment to endorse the use of ORCID iDs across the science system which also become a key action in the domain plan - so this is a great step forward.

The first funding rounds to pick up the new functionality are Endeavour Smart Ideas Full Proposals (portal opened last week), Catalyst Strategic (opens end of April) and the next Partnerships round (full proposal phase which will open in October).

Further Information about why we are collecting ORCID iDs, and case studies from some of our researchers.


Source: Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment