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Published 30 May 2018

Ngā Kete: The 2018 Annual Collection of Reviews officially released in JRSNZ

The inaugural Ngā Kete, Vol/Iss 48/2-3 in JRSNZ, a collection of review articles by New Zealand's most prominent scholars from a diverse range of subject disciplines, has been released open-access for a limited time.

Ngā Kete pays homage to the three baskets of knowledge, Ngā Kete o te Wānanga, for which Tāne ascended to the twelfth heaven, Te Toi-o-ngā-rangi, and brought down for mankind.

The Royal Society Te Apārangi annual review issue is an celebration of outstanding researchers and their contributions, represented by te kete-tuatea, the basket of light and present knowledge.

Ngā Kete’s role is to question and review what knowledge still remains unknown to us, represented by te kete-tuauri, the basket of darkness.

It is also representative of te kete-aronui, the pursuit of knowledge that humans seek.

For the first three months, Ngā Kete will be available for open-access directly through this portal in special recognition of the first issue. Accessing the journal through the normal portal on Taylor and Francis Online will still require subscription so please ensure you utilise the provided link on this page.

A short series celebrating each of the individual articles and their authors in Ngā Kete will be published online under Research Updates beginning this week in Alert with Professor Donna Rose Addis's article 'Are episodic memories special? On the sameness of remembered and imagined event simulation'.

Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi