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Published 17 June 2020

Papers selected for upcoming COVID-19 supplement

The Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand has selected 15 papers covering a diverse spread of topics for the upcoming COVID-19 Supplement. Thank you to all those who responded to the call for papers.

As the flagship title of Royal Society Te Apārangi, the Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand is publishing an Open Access supplement on the latest scientific findings and knowledge across disciplines on the COVID-19 pandemic, especially focusing on Aotearoa.

This project has a dual purpose:

  • to elucidate our understanding of the disease and its control measures 
  • to call on the Aotearoa research community to jointly explore, manage and understand the pandemic’s significance and impacts on our society, economy and people.

We deeply thank all who actively responded to our call for the substantial time and effort spent sharing your research work and preliminary results with us.

Tentative table of contents:

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematical models for New Zealand’s COVID-19 response

Shaun Hendy¹², Nicholas Steyn, Alex James, Michael Plank³, Rachelle Binny, Audrey Lustig

¹Department of Public Health, University of Auckland

²Te Pūnaha Matatini

³School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury

Life & Health Sciences

A ‘team of 5 million’: does everyone play by the same rules? A population survey to identify factors that influence individual physical distancing actions in Aotearoa New Zealand

HRC COVID-19 rapid response research

Lesley Gray¹, Natasha Tassell-Matamua, Amanda Kvalsvig, Siouxsie Wiles, Sam Murton, David Johnston, Julia Becker, James Stanley, Carol MacDonald, Michael Baker

¹Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice, University of Otago, Wellington

Effects of COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions on physical activity and wellbeing among New Zealand adults

Wendy J. O’Brien¹, Claire E. Badenhorst, Catherine Elliot, Mike Hamlin, Nick Draper, James Faulkner²

¹School of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition, Massey University

²Department of Sport, Exercise and Health, University of Winchester, UK

How New Zealand adapted its pandemic plan to fight COVID-19 

Amanda Kvalsvig and Michael Baker

Department of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington

How did the lockdown change what New Zealanders eat? Key findings from the COVID Kai Survey

Victoria Egli¹, Rajshri Roy, Lisa Te Morenga (Ngapuhi, Ngāti Whātua, Te Uri o Hua, Te Rarawa), Sarah Gerritsen

¹School of Nursing, University of Auckland

Have our say: how have people over 70 in Aotearoa experienced lockdown?

AMRF COVID-19 research fund

Merryn Gott¹, Tessa Morgan, Lisa Williams, Janine Wiles, Tess Moeke-Mawell, Tatiana Tavares, Hetty Goodwin

¹School of Nursing, University of Auckland

Māori Studies

Harirū, hongi and hau in the time of COVID-19

HRC COVID-19 rapid response research

Marama Muru-Lanning¹, Tia Dawes1, Ngahuia Dixon, Ngapare Hopa, Hilary Lapsley, Ngaire Kerse, Suzanne Woodward, Charmaine Tukiri, Keri Mills, Moana Oh, Cilla Moore

¹James Henare Māori Research Centre, University of Auckland


Changes in well-being and health behaviour over the course of the COVID-19 lockdown and post-lockdown period

Roeline Kuijer¹, Jessica Gunby and Sweta Suresh
¹School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing, University of Canterbury

Social Sciences

Negotiating risk and responsibility: Affect and ethical reasoning in New Zealanders’ lived experiences of lockdown

Susanna Trnka¹, Nicholas J. Long, Pounamu Jade Aikman, Nayantara Sheoran Appleton, Sharyn Graham Davies, Antje Deckert, Eleanor Holroyd, Naseem Jivraj, Megan Laws, Nikita Simpson, Rogena Sterling, and Laumua Tunafa’i

¹Anthropology programme, School of Social Sciences, University of Auckland

Understanding population vulnerability to COVID-19 in New Zealand

Jesse Wiki¹, Malcolm Campbell², Lukas Marek, Matthew Hobbs, James McCarthy, and Simon Kingham

¹Department of Geography, University of Canterbury

²School of Earth and Environment, University of Canterbury

Social protection and COVID-19: Rethinking Pacific community responses in Aotearoa

Steven Ratuva¹, Tara Ross, Yvonne Crichton-Hill, Arindam Basu, Patrick Vakaoti, Rosemarie Martin-Neuninger

¹Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Canterbury


Impact of COVID-19 on research in New Zealand - challenges and opportunities

Lisa Stamp¹,2, Logan Walker, Vicky Cameron

¹Department of Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch

²New Zealand Rheumatology Association


Philosophy Beyond the Lockdown

Tim Mulgan¹², Krushil Watene³, Marco Grix, Vanessa Schouten, Emily Parke, Okusitino Mahina, Aisea Mahina, Tevita O Ka’ili, Andrew Moore, Ushana Jayasuriya, Glen Pettigrove, Sophia Enright, John Matthewson

¹Department of Philosophy, University of Auckland

²Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews, UK

³School of Humanities, Massey University


Law, Legality, and Emergencies: Assessing New Zealand’s Response to COVID-19

Janet McLean, Arie Rosen, Nicole Roughan, Jesse Wall

New Zealand Centre for Legal Theory, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland

For The Greater Good? Data and Disasters in a Post-COVID World

W. John Hopkins¹, David Johnston² and Helen O’Connor²

¹Law School, University of Canterbury

²Joint Disaster Research Centre, Massey University

Please note: 
Affiliation information is only included for lead authors and submitting authors.

Selection committee

17 editors of Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand

  • A/Professor Jonathan Broadbent - University of Otago
  • Professor Andrew Day - University of Otago, Christchurch
  • Dr José Derraik - University of Auckland
  • Dr Jason Gurney - University of Otago, Wellington
  • Dr Francis Hunter - Janssen R&D, United States and University of Auckland
  • Dr Stephen Jamieson - University of Auckland
  • Dr Amy Osborne - University of Canterbury
  • Dr Erika Freemantle - University of Auckland
  • Professor Ben Wooliscroft - Auckland University of Technology
  • A/Professor Georgina Stewart - Auckland University of Technology
  • A/Professor Rebecca Priestley - Victoria University of Wellington
  • Professor Graham Wallis - University of Otago
  • Dr Priscilla Wehi - Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research
  • Dr Kelly Hare - University of Waikato
  • A/Professor Bing Xue - Victoria University of Wellington
  • Professor Rick Millane - University of Canterbury
  • Dr Daniel Schumayer - University of Otago

3 editors of Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online

  • Professor Bruce Curtis - University of Waikato
  • A/Professor Daniel Exeter - University of Auckland
  • Dr Thomas O'Brien - University of York, United Kingdom 

1 external reviewer

  • Dr Andelka Phillips - University of Waikato

We wish to acknowledge the mahi of our COVID-19 Supplement selection committee, comprising 17 Editors of JRSNZ, 3 Kōtuitui editors and an external reviewer. It was no small task to carefully consider 52 commendable EOIs and decide on the best 15. Ngā mihi, ngā mihi.



Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi