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Published 9 July 2020

The New Zealand ORCID Hub receives recognition as certified provider

As of 3 July, the New Zealand ORCID Hub is one of the first services to become a certified ORCID Service Provider.

ORCID Cert Service Provider logovF Small

ORCID recently announced their new service provider certification programme. The New Zealand ORCID Hub was recognised as satisfying the requirements for certification, becoming only the fifth integration to be so recognised.  Consequently, users of the Hub can be confident that it meets all of ORCID’s best practices to authenticate ORCID IDs and update ORCID records. All New Zealand ORCID consortium members who are using the Hub may display the certification logo on their ORCID pages.

We encourage all consortium members to use the ORCID member API, whether via the Hub or their own or another third-party service, to seek permission from their staff/students to read from and write to their ORCID records to populate those records with trusted information.

Although researchers and research contributors can add information to their own ORCID records, information added by third parties, including research organisations, funders and publishers, is more trusted and can be reused, for example when applying for research funding. The Hub allows consortium members to seek permission, and then act on that permission, to read from and write to the ORCID records of their staff and students, providing authentic, trustworthy, and reusable information.

We also encourage New Zealand researchers and contributors to grant permission for third parties to write trusted information to their ORCID records to help realise our Consortium’s vision:

  • all researchers being recognised for their contributions to New Zealand’s research, science and innovation system;
  • institutions populating and reusing data from ORCID records, improving data quality and reuse and reducing the reporting burden; and,
  • use of ORCID improving the performance of our research system for the benefit of all New Zealanders and the rest of the world.

Royal Society Te Apārangi is the New Zealand ORCID consortium lead agency. Consortium membership is open to all New Zealand institutions of higher education, non-profit organisations, and government research and funding agencies at no cost, under our arrangement with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The Hub was developed in partnership with the University of Auckland.  Active development has now ceased and the Hub is now a stable product with the ability to write to all parts of the ORCID record afforded by ORCID’s API 3.0. We take this opportunity to formally thank the Hub’s main developers Radomirs Cirskis and Roshan Pawar.

Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi