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Fellowships and FTE note

You cannot be contracted for more than 100% (1 FTE) of your time. For example, if you have 0.2 FTE of teaching/admin commitments and a Fellowship contract that pays for 0.8 FTE, you cannot take on additional grants with an FTE commitment without an approved variation, as this would take your total FTE above 1.

Rutherford Discovery Fellowship (0.85 FTE commitment):

New grants with objectives that are aligned to the RDF objectives can be included in the RDF FTE with a variation. For example, if the RDF contributes to 0.85 FTE and the Fellow is awarded a Marsden grant with 0.2 FTE commitments, a variation can allow the Fellow to include the Marsden FTE in the 0.85 RDF FTE. The RDF funding now contributes to 0.65 FTE of the Fellow's salary, but the total RDF FTE commitment remains 0.85 FTE as prescribed in the Terms of Reference for the Fellowship. Any salary released as a consequence of supporting a smaller FTE should preferentially be used to support other personnel working on the project.

Rutherford Foundation Fellowship (1 FTE commitment):

A variation can allow Fellows to take up an additional grant with a maximum of 0.2 FTE time commitment if it supports the Fellow to establish a foundation on which to embark on an independent research career. For this to be realised, the Fellow must be a principal investigator on the grant. A variation can also allow the Fellow to take up teaching obligations to a maximum of 0.2 FTE.