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Primary CREST

Primary CREST activities have been designed to motivate primary students and to develop their interest in science and technology

  • Primary CREST Awards are CREST Awards that can be achieved by primary school students who carry out a variety of science and technology activities.
  • Students achieving Primary CREST Awards will be demonstrating their skills in the Nature of Science, Nature of Technology and/or the Key Competencies sections of the New Zealand curriculum
  • Primary CREST has been designed to motivate Primary students and to develop their interest in science and technology and an understanding of the relevance of these subjects to their everyday life.
  • Primary CREST offers a variety of activities, within a variety of contexts/themes.
  • Primary CREST has been designed to support Primary teachers with science and technology education.

Students will be involved in a variety of activities as they pursue the Primary CREST Awards. These  activities will help develop the children’s scientific and technological enquiry and skills in an enjoyable context with links to the curriculum where appropriate.

Guiding principles

Primary CREST awards have several guiding principles.

  • Each context offers a variety of activities providing the children the opportunity to:
    • solve a relevant, problem, set within a context
    • work in pairs or small groups
    • take part in practical, hands-on science and technology activities
    • think and talk about science and technology, during the activity and when sharing their ideas
    • share their ideas
  • There is a guide for teachers of Primary CREST activities.

Primary CREST activities

Choose from the following activities for Primary CREST.