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Marsden Fund Council’s Strategic Direction

The Council has developed a mission statement, goals and principles for the Fund to guide its fund-design decisions. These are consistent with, and complementary to, the Fund’s high-level nature and objectives.

The Council’s Mission Statement

To drive world-class research in New Zealand by supporting and incentivising excellent researchers to work on their best and boldest ideas and to connect internationally, leading to new knowledge and skills with the potential for significant downstream impact for New Zealand.

The Marsden Fund Investment Plan

This Investment Plan sets out the strategic direction of the Fund, including how it will be managed to achieve its objectives and contribute to the National Statement of Science Investment’s vision and goals.  The Marsden Fund Council intends to follow strategic direction set out in this updated Investment Plan through to 2024.  Updated figures for investment by the Fund each year are signalled in the Projected Value of the Awards.

The Marsden Fund Performance Framework

The Council will assess the effect of the Investment Plan with systematic monitoring and reporting. Data and indicators to be used will be developed and published in the Marsden Fund Performance Framework (working document).

The Marsden Fund Combined Panel Trial

In the 2018 funding round the Council instituted the Combined Panel Trial, being a broader cross-disciplinary panel (https://www.royalsociety.org.nz/who-we-are/our-reports/evaluation-reports/).

Projected Value of Awards

The figure below shows the dollars invested in awards, by category, in the 2018 award round, as well as approximate projections for the 2019 - 2021 rounds.