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Alex Barnes

Alex Barnes from Western Springs College in Auckland has been selected to attend the 40th Professor Harry Messel's International Science School in Sydney. Aside from science and engineering, Alex enjoys sailing, hockey and classical studies.

I am excited to be attending the 40th Professor Harry Messel International Science School with five other students from New Zealand. I am extremely delighted to be taking part in this adventure over to Sydney, because of the fantastic learning opportunity it offers, and the chance to experience a new city with 140 other like-minded individuals. I am looking forward to the opportunity due to the high calibre of lecturers, the broad range of topics covered, as well as the experiments and hands-on activities. As I am currently undecided on what to study at university, the diverse topics we cover should inspire me to follow one sector of science or engineering 

My interest in science came from a love of fun experiments. Now, through my studies, I have started to appreciate the subject because of its ability to provide answers to both questions rooted in everyday life and far larger questions about our universe.

Aside from science, my other interests include sailing, hockey and classical studies. I have been sailing since I was 8 and still receive a rush no matter whether I am sailing my small catamaran, a dingy or a 25ft yacht. Hockey is a slightly newer interest, I really enjoy being part of a team with my friends. I enjoy classical studies because the stories and mythology give an insight into the people and ideas of the time.