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Lottie Stevenson

Lottie is a Year 13 student at Buller High School and is very involved in her school and community and looks forward to spending time at Youth ANZAAS with like-minded students.

I am Lottie, an ambitious Year 13 student enthralled by adventure and scientific exploration. I was fortunate enough to be selected for Youth ANZAAS in Adelaide which comprises of lectures in world-class universities, where I am guaranteed to share extraordinary experiences with like-minded, passionate students.

I hold the vital roles of Prefect and Academic Leader at Buller High School, in which I empower others to learn and progress. Other community involvement of mine includes the Student Volunteer Army, particularly with the school Breakfast Club and public library. Over my years at high school, I have been a Peer Support mentor, Canterbury High School Ambassador, and attended a Leadership Camp, Festival for the Future, and a Literature Trip to the UK. These experiences - local, national and international - have shaped who I am today. This shows how even a student from a school of 350 pupils (like mine) can make a world of difference. Living in a small town for my entire life hasn't prevented me from embracing a global mindset.

Science is relevant in our ever-changing world, and I've always dreamed of pursuing it to fulfill my curiosity. I aspire toward a STEM career; the field which combines creativity with intelligence. Attending the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum in January strengthened my love of these subjects, as it immersed me in a university environment with peers who have similar intentions. I strive to have a ripple effect through a career involving the sciences, arts and humanities. On top of calculus, chemistry, English, geography, and photography, I will undertake scholarship subjects this year. Victoria University of Wellington is my ideal university, where I would study the conjoint degree of a Bachelor of Arts and Science.

The impact of Youth ANZAAS will endure far beyond tertiary education. It offers opportunities to extend myself and question topics such as the ethics of scientific and technological advancements. My main anticipated outcome of the event is to explore the diversity of science, alongside future world leaders in South Australia's capital.