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Orla Walsh

Oral Walsh from Rotorua who enjoys using science to solve real-life problems has been selected to attend the Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science and Technology at the University of Queensland.

My name is Orla Walsh, and I am a student at John Paul College, Rotorua. I have had a passion for science from an early age, particularly investigation, research, problem-solving and the practical application of science to solve real-life issues.

Everything about science fascinates me, I love that the answers to all my questions can be discovered by investigation and experimentation. It excites me that problems can be solved and people saved through the application of science.

In addition to my love of science, I have a keen interest in the arts, including speech and drama. I hope to use the skills of speech and drama to communicate the importance of science. I also have a passion for debating and mooting, which has helped me to develop skills of leadership and critical thinking. Since the age of three, I have pursued Ballet as an extra-curricular. And in later years I have also trained in other dance forms including contemporary, and Irish Dancing.

Though I have not decided on what career I wish to pursue yet, I know that it will involve science. I am keenly interested in biological science, including health science, veterinary science and environmental science. I have so much more to learn, and I am excited for any opportunity that allows me to broaden my horizons in the science field.