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Tilak Patel

Tilak Patel, a year 12 student from Auckland with a passion for physics has been selected to go to the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra.

Hi, I’m Tilak Patel, a Year 12 student from Rutherford College, West Auckland. I feel very honoured to have been selected for the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in Canberra. 

Ever since attending Hands-On Otago earlier this year and getting a taste for a science camp, I have a hunger for another opportunity to challenge my mind and skills in a demanding, yet engaging environment outside of the classroom. The NYSF programme seems to tick all these boxes and I’m yearning for the day I embark on the journey.

I have had a passion for mathematics and the physical sciences, particularly physics, since a young age. Having had the seed planted in primary, my love for the subjects has only continued to grow through the years, thanks to a plethora of support from family and teachers. What attracts me to these is not only the intricacies of the information already available to us but also the prospect of using the knowledge to make crucial findings that will ultimately benefit society. 

I study English, economics, chemistry, accelerated statistics, accelerated physics and accelerated calculus at school, and plan to undertake a university course in mathematics next year. In addition to academics, I enjoy immersing myself in a variety of sports and cultural activities. I’ve played and captained a number of sports including cricket, table tennis, tennis, squash and ultimate frisbee. I've also been an active member of UNICEF, SADD, World Vision Committee and debating. I also partake in a variety of competitions, including the ICAS examinations, Australian Maths Competition and the RBNZ Monetary Policy Challenge. I value my extra-curriculars as I see them as a way to develop and practice my interpersonal skills and as a platform to utilise my diverse range of skills in a beneficial way.

I plan to study a Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Physics. The ultimate goal is to complete a PhD in Nuclear Physics. I see NYSF as a great stepping stone to my goals and am once again, extremely honoured to have been selected for this opportunity.