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About the Science Teaching Leadership Programme

The Science Teaching Leadership Programme provides opportunities for primary schools, secondary science departments and their nominated teachers to enhance the teaching of science within school communities.

The Science Teaching Leadership Programme makes a real difference to students' science learning by:

  • Enhancing science programmes to better engage students and develop their science knowledge and skills
  • Contributing to the professional learning and development of teachers
  • Building links between schools and practising scientists

The Science Teaching Leadership Programme supports the Government’s strategic direction for Science in Society.

The Programme is a full school or science department initiative that requires a commitment from the school to prioritise science as a key focus area for professional learning.

Schools nominate a teacher to develop their curriculum leadership skills in science, connect with others learning about the Nature of Science, and develop links with science organisations in their communities.

There are two phases to the programme. Participant teachers take paid leave from their school during phase one.


View brochure for the Science Teaching Leadership Programme to gain an overview of the programme:

Programme overview

Phase one (two school terms)

Placement in a science organisation
Participant teachers undertake a placement in an organisation that uses science as a significant part of their work. Through this experience, they gain a deeper understanding of the Nature of Science in a scientific context.

Science curriculum development
Through workshops and online discussion, Participant teachers use their placement experiences to expand their understanding of the Nature of Science strand in the New Zealand National Curriculum.

Leadership enhancement
Through a master’s level programme, teachers explore their leadership capacity by focussing on their personal growth and development

Phase two (12 – 18 months)

Back at school, participant teachers and schools work together to improve science teaching and student learning.

Learn more about what is involved in the Programme


Participant teachers need to be registered primary and intermediate teachers or secondary science teachers of years 9 and 10 who have been teaching in New Zealand for a minimum of 3 years.

They must have a permanent position at a school, full time or part time, and must be a New Zealand citizen.

View full eligibility criteria.


Current status

Applications for Term 1 2025 are now open - Apply now!

For any enquiries about the Programme, please contact stlp@royalsociety.org.nz

The Science Teaching Leadership Programme replaced the Primary Science Teacher Fellowships and the Endeavour Teacher Fellowships. 

(updated 9 May 2024)