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St Peter's Catholic School - Denise Gordon

2018 | Healthy lifestyles, healthy communities

School: St Peter's Catholic School, Cambridge

Host: The University of Waikato - Department of Health, Sport and Human Performance.

Region: Waikato

Denise is the Deputy Principal at St Peter’s Catholic school in Cambridge. With 20 years of primary teaching experience, she is passionate about her role in the classroom and providing her students with authentic learning experiences. St Peter’s Catholic School believes in delivering a curriculum that encourages curious, creative and positive minds in students. The school aims to lift the profile of science within the school community by strengthening the teachers' understanding of the Nature of Science as well as providing experiences for the students enabling them to investigate and learn more about their world.

Denise is being hosted by Dr. Matt Driller the Acting Head of Performance Physiology for High-Performance Sports New Zealand as well as being an academic staff member in Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato.

Denise is interested in learning more about the different approaches and techniques scientists use to understand the nature of high-performance sport. By participating in a range of sports related projects, she will also develop her knowledge and understanding of the subject matter associated with sports science and how the human body responds to exercise, sleep and recovery. Denise will develop her own knowledge and understanding of the Nature of Science.

Denise is looking forward to working alongside practicing scientists over the next few months. From these experiences, she will be able to share her understanding with colleagues and inspire young learners.