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Waiheke High School - Julie Campbell

2018 | Wine science - Waiheke Island Terroir

School: Waiheke High School

Host: The University of Auckland

Region: Waiheke Island

Waiheke High School is currently in the process of redeveloping the junior science curriculum to provide more engaging and authentic experiences for the students. The department aims to increase engagement of students and the wider school through strengthened connections with the Waiheke Island community. The Head of Science, Katherine Cole has already participated in both phases of the Science Teaching Leadership Programme. Having Julie Campbell as a second teacher participate will offer sustained leadership, enthusiasm and expertise for the department. It will provide opportunities to build on improvements already implemented and strengthen the emphasis of the Nature of Science in the year 7-10 science programmes.

Julie has had 12 years experience teaching Science and Biology in secondary schools. At Waiheke High School she has held more formal leadership roles with periods of time as head of junior science and head of department. She is passionate about giving students hands-on experiences and time to explore, question, collaborate and critique in their science learning.

Being the second teacher involved in the Science Teaching Leadership Programme has provided the opportunity for Julie to develop a more in depth understanding of the scientific process and the necessary leadership skills to sustain the schools momentum towards a curriculum with a more explicit Nature of Science emphasis. 

Julie has been hosted by Professor Paul Kilmartin and Mr Neill Culley from the Departments of Chemical Science and Wine Science programme at the University of Auckland. Her placement involved attending undergraduate and post-graduate lectures and laboratories in the wine science programme. Julie spent significant time on site at Goldie Estate Vineyard participating in vineyard and wine making practices. A class trip down to Marlborough with the postgraduate students to a number of vineyards and wineries consolidated and expanded on Julies's understanding the variety of viticultural and wine making practices. Julie also appreciated the opportunity to take part in a  sensory panel training for the aromas in Sauvignon blanc wines. Being bale to observe wine trials investigating a novel approach to lowering alcohol content in wines, post harvest, allowed Julie to gain hands on experience and reflect upon all aspects of the Nature of Science. 

Julie would like to thank Professor Paul Kilmartin and Mr Neill Culley from the University of Auckland Chemistry Department and Wine Science Programme, for the range of engaging experiences that enriched her understanding of the Nature of Science outside the classroom.