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How to nominate

View how to nominate for the Charles Fleming award.


Citizens of New Zealand are invited to nominate individuals domiciled in New Zealand who have benefited humanity in the general fields of ecology and environmental science. Nominees will be judged by accepted international standards. Nominators may not nominate themselves.

Please also review general criteria that apply to all Royal Society Te Apārangi medals and awards.

Selection criteria

The prime purpose of the award is to recognise distinction in the protection, maintenance, management, improvement or understanding of the environment, in particular the sustainable management of the New Zealand environment.


A Nomination Form must be completed.

Please email the Academy (academy@royalsociety.org.nz) if you wish to submit a new nomination and you will be provided with a URL to access the web portal.

Nominations are to include one set of the following:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Full bibliography;
  • Summary of accomplishment: Provide a statement (one to two pages) of the discoveries, improvements, or other contributions of the individual in the fields for which the award is proposed;
  • Detailed description of contributions: Provide a detailed explanation of the contributions and explain why each is significant;
  • Evidence of contributions: Enclose two or three examples of publications, or other evidence, which best represent the nominee’s contributions;
  • Brief citation of not more than 40 words, which may be used for publicity purposes;
  • Three references (to be arranged by the nominator), at least one from outside the nominee’s institution.

Please note:

Publications should include the names of all authors (Initials and Surname) and the full title of the journal in which a paper is published. Abbreviations should not be used.