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Published 11 March 2020

Rutherford Medal now includes humanities

Royal Society Te Apārangi’s highest award, the Rutherford Medal for recognition of eminent research, scholarship, or innovation, will now include humanities scholarship in the fields of recognition.

This change has been made to recognise the widening of the object and functions of the Society under our Act, with the inclusion of the humanities, so that now the Society’s highest award will be opened to all disciplines covered by the Act.

In light of this change, the nomination deadline for the Rutherford Medal (and $100,000 prize money) will be extended out for an extra month (to 30 April 2020) to allow time for humanities nominations to be submitted for the current year. 

Please note that the Rutherford Medal recognises either a person’s or a team’s eminent research, scholarship, or innovation in their discipline. 

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Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi