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ORCID Membership for Organisations

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Why join ORCID as a member?

An organisation may choose to become a member of ORCID either in their own right, or by becoming a member of a consortium such as the New Zealand ORCID Consortium. Membership of ORCID allows you to integrate your in-house systems with the ORCID registry by using Application Programme Interfaces (APIs). These allow you to connect your own records to the ORCID records of people who work at your organisation, update your records automatically when information is added to an ORCID record affiliated to your organisation (with the researcher’s permission) and assert authority over the employment affiliation stated by the researcher. This should save you time and improve your data quality. More information on the different APIs offered by ORCID are available on this page of the ORCID website


By becoming a member of ORCID, your institution will benefit from the ability to identify outputs and collaborations of your staff, follow the research careers of staff and alumni and track staff with multiple affiliations. ORCID acts as a hub that connects people, outputs and funding. You will also be able to define how your organisation's name appears in ORCID records, if you write affiliations for your staff/students, using ORCID's API. More information about ORCID for research organisations is on this page of the ORCID website.


Membership of ORCID allows you to understand the impact of your funding programme. By allowing your system to communicate with the ORCID registry and read from/write to ORCID records of individuals to whom you are awarding grants you will be better able to track the outputs of the research you have funded. You will also be allowing those researchers to whom you have awarded funds to publicly demonstrate their funding success. More information about ORCID for funders is on this page of the ORCID website.


Keeping accurate records of author and reviewer names in their various formats can be a challenge. By embedding ORCID identifiers in your systems you will be able to disambiguate multiple records for the same people. You can integrate ORCID into your manuscript submission system and request that authors add you as a ‘trusted partner’, allowing their ORCID record to be automatically populated with their article metadata on manuscript acceptance. More information about ORCID for publishers is on this page of the ORCID website.


New Zealand ORCID consortium membership

One of the benefits of joining the New Zealand ORCID consortium is that  Royal Society Te Apārangi, as the consortium lead agency, offers support for your use of the New Zealand ORCID Hub. The New Zealand ORCID Hub is a web application that allows organisations, both large and small, to connect with ORCID to read from and write to their staff/students' ORCID records, with the record holder's permission. This saves researchers time, as they don't have to update their ORCID record themselves, and saves organisations time, as they can access information directly from their staff/students' ORCID records.

For more information on the New Zealand ORCID Hub, see: NZ ORCID Hub.

To find out more about the New Zealand ORCID consortium, including joining, see: About the NZ ORCID consortium.