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Guiding Principles for forming Catalyst Influence National Committees

Where no New Zealand organisation(s) is naturally affiliated with the international union membership supported under Catalyst: Influence, the Society may request the formation of a national committee, representing major interested parties. In this instance, the Society will work with interested parties to establish the Terms of Reference for the Committee.

The Terms of Reference should include the following information:

The purpose of the committee

The overarching principle of the committee is to represent and promote the interests of the relevant New Zealand research community at the supported international research forum supported under Catalyst Influence. A minimum requirement for the Committee is to:

  • Recommend delegates to the Society.
  • Support the delegate in their duties.
  • Promote Union activities and promulgate information to New Zealand interested parties.
  • Work with elected delegate to formulate a brief bullet point document, which outlines issues of specific relevance to New Zealand, and how to maximise benefits from the International Union membership.

Who shall be on the Committee?

For example, how many should be on the committee, what interests should be represented, what organisations should be represented etc. Where relevant, the Committee may want to formalise formal representation by particular organisations or otherwise ensure that the make-up of the committee reaches broadly. The Terms of Reference may additionally contain a comment with regard to the possibility of the Committee to co-opt additionally people to the Committee where additional representation is needed.

Where relevant, the Society may request delegates from other International Union memberships supported under Catalyst Influence to be ex officio members of the Committee.

How long are committee members elected for?

For how long are Committee member elected for? Can committee members be re-elected?

How are new members and chair of the committee elected?

This may have information on how a call for nominations is being distributed, how long it should be open for etc.

Who will be the National Delegate

The National Delegate is the point of contact between the International Union and the Committee and would normally be the person travelling to the International Union General Assembly. The Delegate may be the Chair of the National Committee or any other person nominated for this role by the Committee and appointed by Royal Society Te Apārangi.

What is the minimum meeting requirements for the Committee

As a minimum, the Committee should meet once a year. This can be via video link or in person.

A statement that the Committee shall adhere to the Royal Society Te Apārangi’s Code of Professional Standards and Ethics.

Other clauses

Note that although the formal membership to most International Unions supported under Catalyst Influence is held by Royal Society Te Apārangi, the Society cannot offer any financial support to the National Committee other than what can be applied for through Catalyst Influence. Please refer to the Catalyst Influence Participation Guidelines for more information. The Terms of Reference should contain a comment acknowledging this.

The Committee may include additional clause deemed to be important for the work of the Committee.