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View recipients of the James G. Hay Travel Award

Past recipients of the James G. Hay Travel Award

Year of Congress
Awardee New Zealand Institution Project Title Award (GST Inclusive)

Dr Maedeh Amirpour

The University of Auckland

Is a wirelessly-charged implant safe?


Mr Danyon Stitt

University of Canterbury

A machine learning approach to characterising rugby head impacts for laboratory recreation.


Dr Julie Choisne

University of Auckland

Lower Limb Bones Shape Variations of a Paediatric Population

2017 N/A      
2015 Mr Daniel Redmond University of Canterbury Modelling Expiration Using Viscoelastic Pressure Dependant Recruitment Models – Is it the same as Inspiration? $3,700
2015 Dr Daniel Cury Ribeiro University of Otago Muscle co-contraction at the shoulder during the dynamic relocation test: a cross-sectional study with asymptomatic individuals $2,000
2013 Mr Desney Greybe University of Auckland Determining Subject-Specific PCSAS for Muscles of the Forearm $3,000
2011 Dr Harvey Ho University of Auckland Multiscale Modelling for Cerebral Aneurysms $1,500
2011 Mr Thiranja, Prasad, Babarenda Gamage University of Auckland Predicting Breast Deformation Under Gravity Loading $2,426
2009 Mr Ashwath Sundaresan University of Canterbury Minimal Model of Lung Mechanics for Optimising Ventilator treatment in ARDS Patients $3,500
2007 Mr Matthew Brodie Massey University Fusion Motion Capture and the Biomechanics of Alpine Ski Racing $4,100