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Professor Gillian Dobbie

Chair, Marsden Fund Council

Professor Gillian Dobbie

Professor Gillian Dobbie is from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. Although she has a broad understanding of computer science, her passion is in getting the most out of data, which includes how data can be processed efficiently, and the insights we can gain from data. She has most recently worked in anomaly detection in data streams, which can be applied in many areas, such as detecting change in social media streams, or detecting fraud in online auctions. Previously, she worked in the foundations of database systems, defining logical models for various kinds of database systems, and reasoning about the correctness of algorithms in that setting. With colleagues at the National University of Singapore, she defined a data model for semistructured data (called ORA-SS), providing a language independent description of the data. Her work ranges from theory to application, proving the correctness of algorithms through to experimental computer science. Gillian received a PhD from the University of Melbourne in 1995. She has published more than 130 peer-reviewed research papers, and served as a reviewer for numerous conferences and journals.

Professor Dobbie is the Chair of the Marsden Fund Council.

For more information see Professor Dobbie's University of Auckland webpage.