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2017 Powering Potential Presentations

You can watch each team's presentation and listen to their research and suggestions.


Team 1: Jonathan Chan, Nicolas Sinnott, Sarah Haden, Isha Kaur

Question researched: 

By seismically strengthening buildings to address current safety perceptions, owners and engineers are inadvertently influencing the cityscape of the future. What makes a good building to preserve for the future, and what makes good strengthening?

Mentor: Alistair Cattanach, Director, Dunning Thornton

Team 1:  Video Presentation

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Alistair Cattanach, Sarah Haden, Jonathan Chan, Isha Kaur, Nicholas Sinnott


Team 2: Oliver Gwatkin, Lynette Idio, Jason Lee, Lucy Matehaere, Isla Day

Question researched: Can we use paleo-climate data and marine fossil records to identify groups of animals that were vulnerable to ocean acidification and warming?

Mentor: Dr Kate Sparks, University of Otago

Team 2: Video Presentation


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Dr Kate Sparks, Lynette Idio, Jason Lee, Oliver Gwatkin, Lucy Matehaere, Isla Day


Team 3: Anthony Hua, Katie Liu, Karl Brinsdon, Sophie Piesse, Isabella O'Meeghan

Question researched: How does daylight saving time affect our physiology, health, and performance, and by what mechanisms?

Mentor: Dr Lora Wu, Sleep & Wake Centre, Massey University

Team 3:  Video Presentation


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Dr Lora Wu, Anthony Hua, Karl Brinsdon, Isabella O'Meeghan, Sophie Piesse, Katie Liu


Team 4: Aidan Rowlingson, Kate Stedman, Jack Nelson, Anjali Gentejohann, Phoebe Liu

Question researched:  Now that myrtle rust and kauri dieback are in NZ, how do we best manage these diseases to ensure the long term survival of unique New Zealand species?

Mentor: Dr Kirstin Wurms, Plant & food Research

Team 4:    Video Presentation


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Dr Kirstin Wurms, Jack Nelson, Phoebe Liu, Anjali Gentejohann, Kate Stedman


Team 5:  Paice Vaughan, Zoe Glentworth, Lily Tang, Dylan Coleman, Nicole Cameron

Question researched: New Zealand has about 80 recently extinct species and several thousand species currently in danger of going extinct. What are the pros and cons of de-extinction of New Zealand's flora and fauna?

Mentor: Dr Lara Shepherd, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Team 5:   Video Presentation


sciencelens 2701

Dr Lara Shepherd, Nicole Cameron, Dylan Coleman, Paice Vaughan Lily Tang, Zoe Glentworth


Team 6:  Kim Fowler, Kitty Sun, Max Sales, Kerry Parkinson, Vanessa Ye

Question researched: How does our physical and social environment affect our susceptibility to infectious disease, especially in childhood in New Zealand?

Mentor: Dr Donia Macartney-Coxon, ESR 

Team 6:     Video Presentation


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Dr Donia Macartney-Coxon, Kitty Sun, Max Sales, Vanessa Ye, Kerry Parkinson, Kim Fowler


Team 7:  Ben Watts, Weihong Yi, Lily Clague, Rasela-Rose Ualesi, Nikita Raman

Question researched: What are the different ways that you can provide environmental enrichment to improve housing conditions for animals being used in research teaching and testing

Mentor: Dr Nicki Cross, Ministry of Primay Industries 

Team 7:  Video Presentation     


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Dr Nicki Cross, Ben Watts, Nikita Raman, Lily Clague, Weihong Yi, Rasela-Rose Ualesi


Team 8:  John Robinson, Olivia Paxie, Zach Dewhurst, Mikayla Stokes, Shari Webber

Question researched: How can vaccines limit the burden of antibiotic resistance?

Mentor: Dr Benji Compton, Ferrier Institute, Victoria University of Wellington

Team 8:     Video Presentation


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Dr Benji Compton, Oliva Paxie, John Robinson, Mikayla Stokes, Zach Dewhurst, Shari Webber