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How to apply

Learn how to apply for the RHT Bates Postgraduate Scholarship


Applicants must have physical sciences or engineering as a significant part of their undergraduate degree. For the purposes of this scholarship, physical sciences shall be deemed to mean physics, chemistry and mathematical and information sciences. At the time of application students must be engaged in postgraduate studies (honours, masters or doctorate). Students in their final year of undergraduate study are ineligible to apply. To receive the scholarship, candidates must be enrolled for a doctorate course at a New Zealand University and must be engaged in the course for the greater part of the period of the Scholarship. This requirement does not limit the award to New Zealanders; however, it will require a successful candidate to transfer from a masterate or honours course to a doctoral course.


Please note – there is no formal application form to complete when applying for the RHT Bates Postgraduate Scholarship.

Please submit your application in the following form:

  1. Full name
  2. Work address, telephone number, fax number and email
  3. Home address and telephone number
  4. Department and University in which you are enrolled
  5. Degree for which you are currently enrolled
  6. Details of higher education: dates, institution(s), subject(s), degree(s)
  7. Copy of authorised student academic record (official record) from University Registry
  8. Details of previous employment, research activities, etc
  9. Brief paragraph describing career goals and general interests
  10. List any publications relevant to the application
  11. A statement (signed by the applicant) declaring all other support awarded or applied for
  12. Brief descriptive title of proposed research (not exceeding 25 words)
  13. A detailed proposal for the planned research (approximately 1,000 words)
  14. A reference from the university academic officially charged with your supervision
  15. A second reference either from an individual within the University in which you are enrolled, or from an organisation (e.g., CRI, Government Department or Company) where a significant amount of your PhD work is being carried out and where additional supervision is being provided, to be received at the Royal Society of New Zealand.

We prefer to receive the application electronically. Please email the electronic copy to awards@royalsociety.org.nz

Please note – the copy of authorised student academic record from University Registry (#7 above) and signed statement declaring all other support awarded or applied for (#11 above) can be sent electronically, or via post to:

Academy Executive Officer
RHT Bates Postgraduate Scholarship
Royal Society of New Zealand
PO Box 598
Wellington 6140