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Working towards a stronger future.

We are working towards a future where our organisation is open and accessible, diverse, has a strong partnership with Māori researchers, is involved in top issues of the day, well connected internationally, and is supported and known by New Zealanders.

Today, more than ever, we need great research and communication

In this world where so much information of variable quality is available at our fingertips, it is essential that we have sources of reliable, trustworthy information based on rigorous research. We have an integral role to play in promoting and setting standards on quality, and integrity of researchers; and ensuring the information the public needs is available in order to make good decisions.

We support the pursuit of knowledge

We are here to support New Zealanders to explore discover and share knowledge. We do this by working across all disciplines, especially supporting multi-disciplinary research. At the same time we are working across all ages from early childhood up to our most senior citizens.

We are looking out for future issues and supporting New Zealanders with trustworthy information.