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Lisiua Havili to receive 2021 Raewyn Good Study Award

Lisiua Havaili at the University of Auckland receives this award to support her Master’s degree project on wellbeing and the precariat, and how it works in everyday life from a Tongan perspective.

The research will consider why having a job is often not sufficient and explores the impacts recent efforts have had to assist low income Pacific families (e.g., increases to minimum wages, winter energy payment, healthy homes standards and the family’s package). The primary aims are:

1.      To extend knowledge of why having a job is often not sufficient for families to resolve the insecurities (employment, income, housing and food) and health inequalities they face everyday;

2.      To understand how these various insecurities impact the everyday lives of families with a view to informing effective responses;

3.      To document how different policies to address insecurities impact the wellbeing and everyday health-related practices of precariat whānau and communicate these broadly.

About the Raewyn Good Study Award for Māori and Pasifika Social Science Research

The award was established in the memory of the late Raewyn Good who was an activist and a researcher in the social sciences. She was active on the Royal Society Te Apārangi Council and was an integral member of the Society's Social Sciences Advisory Committee. 

The study award is available for one year to students who are engaged in, enrolled in or applying for a Master’s degree that undertakes social sciences research at any New Zealand university or wānanga. The award includes a cash grant of $6,000

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