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New Medal designs

Left: Te Puāwaitanga Research Excellence Award Right: Te Rangaunua Hiranga Māori Award

Te Puāwaitanga Research Excellence Award and Te Rangaunua Hiranga Māori Award have had new medals designed for them by artist Ross Hemera, former Professor of Māori Art and Design at Massey University.

Te Puāwaitanga Research Excellence Award: The design of this award is inspired by Tāne’s quest for knowledge. His assent to the atua realm and subsequent descent is a defining aspect for the design. In Te Ao Māori the acquisition of knowledge should be to use it wisely. The koru based imagery represents knowledge symbolised as in the forest canopy. As it blossoms and spreads, it influences all and everything on the land below. This notion of “growing knowledge” is emphasised by the use of the kape (sometimes known as a seed pod motif) found in kōwhaiwhai patterns. This casting is handcrafted with each individual medal displaying its own unique characteristics. A special patina is used to enhance the natural qualities of bronze. Design: Ross Hemera. Casting: George Andrews.

Te Rangaunua Hiranga Māori Award: The award is for co-created research conducted by Māori. In this regard the concept for this award is taken from an interpretation of the meaning of the word “rangaunua”. In this instance the ranga part of the word relates to a team of people and the unua references the concept of lashing parts together. The design depicts a double hulled waka and refers to the concept of collaboration and co-operation as symbolised when bringing together the components that make up a vessel of strength and durability. The bronze casting is professionally cast and picks up the finest of detail as in the binding.