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7 Whitu How can we reduce plastic waste

I te parakino kirihou?

Let's work together to tackle our plastic waste problem. Look at the diagram for ideas on reducing plastic waste. What ways can you think of to minimise your plastic waste?

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He aha te rongoa mō te parakino kirihou?
How to solve plastic pollution?

Much of our plastic waste comes from single-use food and product packaging and other items we use briefly before throwing out. Governments, businesses and consumers will all need to make changes so that we can tackle the global issue of plastic pollution.

Ha aha ngā mahi ā ngā kāwanatanga?
What are governments doing?

Regional and international initiatives involving governments and industry are seeking to reduce reliance on unsustainable plastics and encouraging the innovation of new solutions to prevent plastics entering the environment.

The New Zealand government has banned the sale of wash-off products containing microbeads and the distribution of some types of plastic bags. The government also funds waste minimisation initiatives and encourages businesses to take responsibility for their products through stewardship schemes.

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He pēwhea te whakatāharahara i tā tātou whakamahi i ngā kirihou?
How can we reduce our reliance on plastics?

By changing how we produce, use and dispose of plastics, we can start to turn the plastics problem around:

  • Eliminate – Stop using unnecessary plastics
  • Innovate – Replace plastics with other materials and ensure plastics we do use are reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Circulate – Keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment.

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