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2 Rua How plastic gets into the environment

Te parakino kirihou me te taiao

Plastic pollution harms our communities and industries. Look at the factsheet to see the sources and movement of plastic pollution. How can you stop plastic from getting into the environment?

Rua 2 How plastic gets into the environment factsheet

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What’s the problem? He aha te mate?

Plastics are useful because they are strong and lightweight. Unfortunately these properties also mean plastic waste stays in the environment a long time and is easily transported around the globe.

Where is the plastic pollution? Kei whea rā te parakino kirihou?

Plastics are everywhere, from mountain tops, to waters surrounding Antarctica, to remote beaches and the deepest part of the ocean.

Rua Factoid plastics and fish in ocean

How do we get plastic pollution? He pēwhea te ahunga mai o te parakino kirihou?

Poor waste management, deliberate littering, illegal dumping, and accidental loss of plastics during use and transportation are the main contributors to plastic debris.

How much plastic is in the ocean? He pēwhea te rahi o te kirihou ki roto i te moana?

Everyday millions of pieces of plastic find their way to the ocean. The equivalent of one garbage truck of plastics is dumped into the ocean every 38 seconds.

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