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NZ ORCID Hub frequently asked questions

If you have questions that are not covered in the FAQs please contact us at orcid@royalsociety.org.nz
This page has two sections: the first part is for researchers using the Hub and the second part is for member organisations' technical contacts or designated organisational administrators.

FAQs about the Hub for researchers

What is the NZ ORCID Hub and what does it do?

The NZ ORCID Hub is a web service that allows your organisation to authoritatively assert, in your ORCID record, that you are either a student or a member of staff with them. The Hub can also be used to write any funding you have received as well as any research outputs (ORCID calls these 'works'). An organisation can also add any peer-review activity that you have carried out (note that this is not the actual peer-review document).
When your organisation writes to your ORCID record, they are displayed as the 'source' of the information. Having authoritative information in your ORCID record is better than having information written by yourself, as authoritative information can be reused.

How do I get into the Hub?

For a researcher belonging to a Tuakiri-member organisation, simply go to the web address of the Hub: https://orcidhub.org.nz/, log in using your normal username and password for accessing your organisation and click on 'take me to ORCID to connect [organisation X] with my ORCID record. The landing page of the Hub displays all the organisations who are using it. If your organisation is not listed you can't use the Hub yet.

If you are not from a Tuakiri member organisation, wait on an email invitation from your organisation asking to connect with your ORCID record.

How do I give my organisation permission to connect to my ORCID record?

Once you have logged into the Hub using your Tuakiri sign-on (the same way that you connect to your organisation) simply follow the on-screen prompts. Once you have done this, on signing into your ORCID record, you will see that your employment (or education if you are a student) now has an entry with the source of that information being your institution.

Why should I give my organisation permission to connect to my ORCID record?

Anyone can sign up for an ORCID iD and say that they are a student or staff at a respected organisation. By allowing your organisation to connect to your ORCID record and verify that you are, indeed, affiliated to that place, the source of this information in your record is more credible than if it is entered by you, manually, and can be reused, with your permission, by other systems with an ORCID integration.

Can I sign in to my ORCID record with my institutional log-in details?

Not yet.

The use of your home organisation’s login credentials to access services provided by another organisation is enabled by Federated Identity Management.  ORCID's ‘Institutional Account’  sign-in supports Federated Identity Management for members through the eduGAIN interfederation service.  Tuakiri, the New Zealand Access Federation, is in the process of becoming a full participating member of eduGAIN.  Once that happens, individuals at Tuakiri member organisations will be able to use their home credentials to access their ORCID records.
You can sign into your ORCID record with your Facebook or Google+ credentials.

What if I don’t want my organisation to connect to my ORCID record, which I keep private?

Your ORCID record belongs to you and if you do not wish your organisation to connect to it you need not. If, at any point, you wish to stop an organisation from accessing your ORCID record, log in to your ORCID record and, from the ‘Account Settings’ page, delete the organisation’s entry from your ‘Trusted Organisations’ list. Once removed, the organisation will no longer be able to read your limited-access content or write to your ORCID record until they gain your permission again.

How do I revoke access to my ORCID record by my organisation and remove it from my list of Hub connections?

In your ORCID record, go to 'account settings' and delete your organisation from the list of 'trusted organisations'. This will also remove it from your Hub connections.

Do I have to enter any content into my ORCID record from the Hub?

No. You log into the hub using your Tuakiri sign-in (the same service that you use to sign into your institution) and, from there, you follow the on-screen prompts to give your institution permission to connect with your ORCID record. If you wish, you can add or remove ORCID content from within your ORCID record.

I have already put an entry into my ORCID record stating where I am employed (or where I am a student). If I go through the Hub and allow my organisation to connect with my record, will there now be two employment (education) records – one by me and one by my institution?

Yes, but like everything in your ORCID record you can choose which entry you make public.

I don’t yet have an ORCID – can I create one from the Hub?

Yes, definitely. Simply follow the on-screen prompt in the Hub to create an ORCID record when it asks you to sign in or create one.

There is incorrect information about me in the Hub/ORCID – how do I get this changed?

Contact your institution’s ORCID administrator. This will be the technical contact listed for your organisation on this page. If your technical contact is not listed on this page please contact orcid@royalsociety.org.nz

My organisation is not a member of Tuakiri – can I use the Hub?

Yes. All NZ ORCID consortium members are able to benefit from the Hub's functions. Contact us at orcid@royalsociety.org.nz to find out who your ORCID contact person is and whether your organisation is using the Hub yet.

Will I still be able to log into the Hub if I leave my organisation, which uses Tuakiri?

This depends on how your organisation manages staff, when they leave. If your organisation disables log-ins, you will no longer be able to log into the Hub using your Tuakiri log-in.

FAQs for main, technical and hub administrators at consortium member organisations

What version of Tuakiri should my organisation be using to connect to the Hub?

The Hub currently supports Tuakiri versions 1 through 3.

What is an Organisation Administrator's role?

Organisation Administrators have all the rights and permissions of Technical Contacts in the Hub, except access to the Organisation Information page, showing API credentials.  They can view, edit, and download records, and import files of staff/students in order to invite them to link their ORCID records with the organisation.

I’m having trouble logging into the Hub via ORCID – what’s wrong?

If you have been nominated as a technical contact or organisation's Hub administrator from an organisation that does NOT use Tuakiri you will select the right hand Hub log-in option, which uses ORCID to authenticate you in the Hub. Before you try to log in to the Hub you must create an ORCID iD and, crucially, make your email address visible to trusted parties through ORCID’s account settings page. Make sure you create your ORCID iD using the same email address that you use for the Hub. If these 2 email addresses don’t match you will have a mismatch between ORCID and the Hub.

What if someone is both a staff member and a student?

Put each in a separate row in the file you are uploading, with affiliation as 'staff' in one, and 'student' in another. Two affiliation entries will be written to the individual's ORCID record.

How do I update information in an ORCID record?

There are two ways to update information in your users' ORCID records:

1. Using the file upload method:

When you write an affiliation the first time, ORCID assigns a number to the entry called a 'PUT' code. This is visible for each record in your administrator tools in the Hub.
To update information, such as adding an end-date to an ORCID record when a member of staff leaves your organisation, write a new tsv/csv file and include a header called 'PUT CODE' with this number entered, as well as the new information in your end date column. When you upload this file to the Hub and activate it the new information will be written to the existing ORCID record, as ORCID matches the PUT code for the information to that record.

2. Manually editing information about a user in the Hub itself:

In the Hub, click on the tab 'your people'. Click 'view/export people'; use the search box to find people; select the person whose ORCID record you want to edit by clicking in the check box to the left of their name and click on the pencil icon on the left of the screen. You can then manually edit information about that person and this change will be reflected in their ORCID record.

Do I need to enter the country in the file I upload to the Hub?

No. New Zealand is automatically written by the Hub. Leave this column in your file blank, or, if you wish, enter NZ

Why aren't macrons displaying properly in users' ORCID records when I use the file upload method in the Hub?

If you created your file for upload in Excel and saved it in csv format it will have (invisibly to you) corrupted the vowels with macrons. To stop this happening save your file in Excel as "Unicode Text" (.txt), then rename the suffix to .tsv. Note that in Windows your file will actually be named xxx.tsv.txt but the .txt suffix may be invisible to you and will have to be removed manually.
To do this go to the Windows startup button (bottom left of your screen), type the words: folder options into the search box; a pop-up will appear on screen. Click the 'view' tab and uncheck the box 'Hide extensions for known file types'. You will see that your saved file was actually named as xxxx.tsv.txt. Edit to remove the .txt ending before uploading to the Hub.