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NZ ORCID Hub - development

The Hub was developed according to Agile principles on a two week sprint cycle.

The NZ ORCID Hub's Development

The NZ ORCID Hub was developed according to the Agile approach, with agreed aspects of the overall plan broken into manageable, regular work cycles, aka sprints.  For this project, a two-week sprint cycle was adopted with each sprint involving the following communication timetable:

  • Week 1
    • Tuesday - What this sprint is about
    • Thursday - Review Product Roadmap; status update; and discussion of any barriers or problems
  • Week 2
    • Tuesday - Healthcheck of sprint plan, and review issue backlog
    • Thursday - Demonstration of anything that's ready


Sprint zero, agreeing to the project's Bill of Materials and an initial batch of user stories, was completed on 17 February, 2017; summaries of each sprint were posted to the NZ ORCID Hub Google Group as each finished.


The final showcase took place on Thursday 24th October, 2019,  demonstrating all of the Hub's functions. A recording of the demo and all the files that were uploaded during the session are in a Google Group post, here.


What can the Hub do?

The initial milestone for the project was for the Hub to be a standalone web-based platform allowing researchers employed at Tuakiri-member organisations to have these affiliations authoritatively asserted by the organisation in their ORCID record.  

Phase I - Hub launched June 2017 - Hub allows automatic assertions of employment and education affiliations for Tuakiri member organisations

Phase II - Sept 2017 -  Hub able to write employment and education affilions for all NZ ORCID consortium members.

Phase III - Feb 2018 - Hub able to write funding information for all consortium members

Phase IV - May 2018 - Hub able to write works and peer-review information for all consortium members.

Hub development closed off at the end of 2019, with the Hub able to carry out all functions permitted by ORCID's API 3.0


 Recordings of previous demo sessions

The Zoom site has recordings of several of the two-weekly Hub demo sessions.

Please note that these resources are all publicly available; however in some instances they require permission to contribute.   If you want to get involved, please email orcid@royalsociety.org.nz with your request.

Hub development - technical sites

See the Hub's development at: