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Nakasone Award

In 2010, HFSPO established the HFSP Nakasone Award to honour former Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan for his vision in launching HFSP.

The HFSP Nakasone Award is designed to honour scientists who have undertaken frontier-moving research in biology, encompassing conceptual, experimental or technological breakthroughs. Both senior and junior scientists are eligible and peer-recognised excellence is the major criterion for selection. However, the jury will pay particular attention to recent breakthroughs by early career scientists.  The prize is open to all scientists, not only those who have received funding within the HFSP.

The awardee(s) will receive an unrestricted research grant of USD 15,000, a gold medal and a personalised certificate. The award ceremony will be held at the annual HFSP Awardees Meeting, where the awardee will deliver the HFSP Nakasone Lecture. 

The discovery or discoveries shall:

  • be frontier contributions to knowledge in the life sciences;
  • have resulted in a notable conceptual breakthrough that has had significant consequences for scientists throughout the world;
  • be identifiable via (a) specific publication(s).

Experimental, conceptual and technological contributions are all eligible.

The award is not for life-time achievement.


Nominations open early each year via HFSP please refer to their website for eligibility and award details.