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Contract reporting

Details of contract reporting for Marsden Fund grant awardees

Contract reporting is a contractual obligation of grant recipients.  Reporting due dates are detailed in grant contracts.  Reports are submitted through the online portal Reporting On-Line, which is accessed via a login URL sent to researchers one month before their report is due.

The “Progress” section of the report should address the findings, with a diagram or two, if appropriate, and be written for an educated non-specialist. As a guide to length, an annual report might be 1500 words, and a final report about 3000 words, however the content is more important than the length. For further information about on-line reporting, please see the reporting on-line FAQs

We also encourage researchers to email us about findings and publicity from their work, as these emerge.  Please feel free to contact us with press releases, photos, podcasts, details of new books or articles, and information on findings, relating to your Marsden Fund supported research.